How to Green Clean Your Kitchen After a Remodel

Green Cleaning Kitchen

How to Green Clean Your Kitchen After a Remodel

After we remodeled our kitchen, everything was a dusty mess. While the countertops and appliances looked amazing, it was overwhelming to see the new kitchen dirty, dusty and covered in plastic. From the floors to the ceiling, I had a lot of work to do to transform the newly renovated kitchen of my dreams into a kitchen I could actually cook in—a place where I could serve my family healthy meals.

If you have just remodeled or you’re about to start a big kitchen renovation, here are some pointers for green cleaning your kitchen afterwards.

Clean methodically. Work top to bottom, inside toward the center or from the right in a clockwise motion. The idea is to avoid spreading the dirt and dust around.

Use a natural cleaner. Have your sponges, rags and homemade green cleaning dish soap handy, because all you need is natural soap and some water for the basic cleaning of nearly every kitchen surface. See my favorite green cleaning recipe below.

Sweep first. Do not bother wiping down the kitchen, the sink or any appliances until you’ve done all of the sweeping and vacuuming. Dust will fly around as you sweep and vacuum, so you will just end up having to clean your kitchen twice if you don’t do those first.

A new use for tennis balls. Put a tennis ball on the handle end of your broom and use it to erase any scuff marks on your floor from equipment or moving furniture.

Clean your sink last. After you’re done cleaning everything else, you’ll want to make your new sink nice and shiny. Just sprinkle baking soda in your sink. Cut a lemon, lime or orange in half. Using your half-cut citrus fruit, scrub your sink well. Rinse with hot water and your sink will be clean and shiny.

Expect some lingering dust. Be prepared to see dust for weeks. Even after you think you’ve cleaned it all, you’ll notice that dust will appear where you may have missed it. Expect this for a few weeks and before you know it, it will be gone. Just keep sweeping, vacuuming and wiping!

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